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Business Operations

Owned and operated by Sea Harvest, Running Wild Fishing Co brings salt-seasoned produce to the table. We have been recognised for our sustainable fishing processes by being awarded MSC certification. Our rich catch transports diners across borders, to gain a glimpse into the clear depths of our Shark Bay home. A tasty homage to the Ocean off the West Australian coast.

Shark Bay Provenance

Shark Bay is located 800km north of Perth in the Gascoyne region of Western Australia. The bay itself is a listed UNESCO World Heritage area renowned for its exceptional natural features, including one of the world’s largest and most diverse seagrass beds and the largest collection of stromatolites. The pristine waters of Shark Bay can have up to twice the salinity of normal sea water, resulting in the unique sweet salty flavour profile of our catch. Our product is truly seasoned by the sea.

King Prawn

Shark Bay King Prawns are renowned for their beautiful rainbow tail, light colour and sweet salty taste. They are extremely versatile and can be used in a wide variety of cuisines.

Product Description

King Prawns: Melicertus latisulcatus

• 5kg box

• Available in the following sizes: 6/10 11/15 16/20 15/25 21/30

Tiger Prawn

Shark Bay Tiger Prawns have a rich flavour and a firm texture. Renowned for their vibrant red stripes they are perfect to cook in the shell.  

Product Description

Brown Tiger Prawns: Penaeus esculentus

• 5kg box

• Available in the following sizes: 6/10 11/15 16/20 15/25 21/30


A scallop is a bivalve – a mollusc with a hinged shell. Several species occur off the coast of Western Australia but only the southern saucer scallop (Ylistrum balloti), is abundant enough to support a commercial fishery

Product Description

Saucer Scallop: Ylistrum balloti

• 10kg box

• Available in the following sizes: 10/20 20/30 20/40 40/50 Broken


Fishing in the waters of World Heritage Shark Bay conveys a special sense of responsibility on us to care for the habitat and ensure that we continue the renewable practices of the last 50 years, which sees this generation of fishers access as little as 15% of the waters of the bay. Fishing for only half the year on average, our fleet ensures our practices are fully sustainable. Our work over years of fishing, and our collaboration with scientists and government, has seen our Fishery attain the highest international recognition for sustainability; certification as a world class “Sustainable Fishery” from the London based Marine Stewardship Council. Awarded in 2015 and audited on an annual basis, MSC ensures our catch of King and Tiger prawns are a delicious and ecologically safe seafood experience.

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